Friday, August 15, 2014

23 Reasons We Thank The Government For Sacking Doctors.

It's no news the Nigerian government has sacked about 16000 of its resident doctors.

For those who don't know, resident doctors are doctors that have finished their medical training and are already working but they are still studying to specialise in a specific field of medicine e.g. Surgery, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

So back to the topic, this is why I feel the sack is a blessing in disguise :

Essentially, what that means is that only 3 out of about 1000 doctors has a right to live. *Checks 1999 constitution*

All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us(In Michael Jackson's voice)

Googling 'Medical Doctors strike around the world.'

We forgive you for not reading the demands.

True, but why is that so?

We be balling yo! Hey, who stole my akara?

Sigh, remember those stubborn toilet stains.


Thought they had life insurance?

Well. No more reason to choose to stay.

Oh the thought alone!

"I the dead doctor do solemnly swear"

You don't say!

Feeling greatly inconvenienced at the moment.

Lol. They should return our property

Fret not. Thy reward is in heaven.

Watching grass grow while they do that.

You forgot the keywords 'HIGHLY SKILLED MIGRATION'


*Cries.* Bless you.

Night of a thousand laughs.

They did? They have?

*Googles number of doctors dead from Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis. Checks nurses*


  1. U forgot to add, can now get my full 30 days leave....

  2. OAI got me cracking. Submit all hospital property indeed. Oyibo man reading it will think they gave us quarters or cars etc

  3. LMAO at "I the dead doctor do solemnly swear" =')))) Each was funnier than the next. I'm so glad y'all haven't lost your sense of humour "Fret not, thy reward is in Heaven" (^_^)

  4. And by the way, I love the new look of your blog... Blue is Love (^_^)

  5. Why have you stopped blogging, old friend? Not trying to be as lazy as me, are you? ;)

    Hope you are well and return to your keyboard soon!

    1. Hello pal. So glad to hear from you. Still trying to get a continuity strategy for my blog. Hope you're back also?


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