Sunday, December 30, 2012


This is the third time In recent times, I have had to deal with a fake 'comatose' patient.

The first was this woman who wanted to milk her husband for being unfaithful to her.

Second was a patient who had just been convicted and conveniently slumped on his way to jail.

Third was this young girl :

I was called in the middle of the night to see her, I reluctantly got up, hoping it was a case I could see in a few minutes.

Something struck me as being odd in her posture, she was in a very calm 'coma'.

I asked what had happened, I was told by her uncle that she was sitting down and fell and slumped.

I asked what she had been sitting on.

I was told she had been sitting on the floor.


" So you mean to tell me she fell down while sitting on the floor?"

I took a second look at her.

I opened her eyes and shone a light, her pupils danced around like a merry go round

I lifted her hand to let it drop to her face, she suspended her arm in mid air.


The young girl was faking it.

I wanted to go to sleep but had to talk to her relatives.

Was she being maltreated?

Did she have some social problems?

Was she overworked?

I could only gather she had lost her dad recently and was staying with the aunt, but was unable to resume school because she missed the September window

They denied any further issues that could lead to an attention seeking behaviour by the girl.

I was too tired anyway.

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