Tuesday, September 25, 2012


-So you mean to tell me you've never done an operation using a torch light before?

- So you're telling me you've never sutured a wound without anaesthesia before?

- So you mean to tell me you can fly a sick patient in a helicopter from one hospital to another?

- So you're saying your government pays for your hospital stay?

- So you're telling me your ambulance drivers don't just put on their sirens because they have a lunch date and there's actually a patient inside?

-So you mean to tell me each patient has an ECG monitor and ultrasound scan to themselves?

- So you mean to say you don't see more than 10 patients a day?

-So you're trying to tell me your politicians get treated in your local hospitals?



You're telling me one can actually eat off your clean hospital floors?

- So you're saying you can transport someone's beating heart in a box?

- So you mean to tell me your patients don't have to share oxygen?

- So you mean to tell me your President moves around with his personal blood bank?

- So you're telling me your Doctors monthly income can pay my annual income?

- So you're saying your medical students get loans and not village contributions?

- So you mean to tell me your Doctors don't migrate to foreign countries after graduation?

- So you're saying 911 actually works?

- So you mean to tell me you've never seen a bush rat in your hospital?

- So you want me to believe you've never admitted a patient on a bench?

- So you are telling me you isolate patients with malaria? Get ready to isolate a whole country.

- So you're saying this man Gates has sent us billions of dollars for the above? Where is it?

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  1. The discrepancies that exist in health care around the world are appalling. Thanks for bringing this sad reality to light.

    1. Yes indeed, Carrie.Typical case of a man with no shoes thinking he has it bad until he sees a man with no legs.

  2. Amusing but a sad reality. It is not that it is impossible in the so called third world but corruption is so rife. It is the poor man who suffers while the wealthy either jumps on a plane or have their own personal doctors.
    Where has the billions of dollars gone, you and I can hazard a guess.

  3. Harsh truth. Well written sir. Really hope our health sector improves soon.

  4. Hmmm....food for thought.

  5. Terrible truths here Dr E.

    In my workplace we have three African nurses and two African carers who work here because the wages can provide the unprovidable should they had stayed in Africa.

    One carer has paid for two sons to passage through medical school which would have been impossible should she have worked in her country of birth.

    There is so much so very very wrong in this world of ours - which your post so accurately illustrates.

    A sad but painfully true post Dr E.

    Anna :o[

  6. I wasn't planning on thinking today, but thank you:-) Thanks for linking up!

  7. Funny but sad if all comments are genuine :(

  8. I can hardly imagine the conditions you practice in.

    My husband id a medical mission trip a few years ago - lots of orphans b/c of AIDS. He got TB from a woman in a hut. He came home and was treated. She's probably dead. I want to a trip liker this. I need a perspective overhaul. I feel like a total asshole for posting about a pair of boots in this link-up :( When the kids are older, I will go.

    1. Hahaha, can't wait to read about the boots. Thank you Peeper.

  9. And we complain here about our medical treatment! Thank you for putting it all in perspective!
    Thank you for linking up with us again for Medical Monday!

  10. this is not what ive expected !!! my tears are streaming down my face ............ :( :( :(O


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