Monday, August 20, 2012


He must have been serious about taking his life - he didn't take one or two tablets; not even four or five tablets - he took ten.

He didn't just take any random drug. No, that wouldn't have been effective, he took indocid (indomethacin), a drug used for pain and inflammation which has a side effect of causing bleeding ulcers especially in the stomach and intestine.

More popularly, in this environment, it is used as a rat killer.

Since one capsule is capable of killing a rat, ten capsules would more than likely send him to the great beyond. Or so he thought.

He almost succeeded, but for prompt medical attention. However, the worst was not over.

I tried my best to get him to say why a young man in his early twenties would want to commit suicide - best I could get was his elder sister was frustrating his life (he was from a polygamous home).

Anyway, that was not the problem now.

His problem now was that he couldn't urinate.

And whatever urine that came out now was bloody...

The drug had eroded the lining of his internal organs.

No wonder it is such an effective rat killer.

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