Saturday, August 11, 2012


I could imagine her sorrow, even though I could not actually see her face behind the hijab she wore.

She struggled with her emotions until she could no longer hold back the dam keeping her tears - the tears rushed down her face - I still could not see her face but I heard the distinct sobs and almost felt them as they cascaded down her face entering her nostril and mouth.

The tears of a mother afraid to lose her beloved son - the son was comatose - and somehow she may have, by acts of omission or commission contributed to his state.

It was just malaria, common malaria, but now, the parasite had crossed into her son's brain, his chances of survival slim.

Is Malaria really that dangerous?

Yes. Read Here.

Good news and Bad news.

Good news - He woke up after two days in coma.

Bad news - He started talking irrationally, and having hallucinations.

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