Thursday, August 16, 2012


What names do you use for storing important numbers on your phone?

What should be the first few numbers on your phone list?

In case of Emergency, can your phone save your life?

I realised the importance or otherwise of a phone and relevant numbers when I became a telephone operator for an unconscious patient.

He was brought in by a good Samaritan after he slumped, his name unknown, relatives unavailable. All we had to work with were his phones. Easy peasy, all we had to do was call numbers on his phone and they would come rushing to the hospital.

Not so easy.

I decided to take on the roll of a call operator - I had two options. First, I could scroll down his contact list and find the name of somebody responsible that could shed light on his medical condition, probably, I would find his wife listed under "Darlyn", "Sweetheart", "Dear" or possibly "Wifey". No luck. Scrolling through his contact list almost gave me a headache, I gave up on that route.

My next tactic was using his recent calls log.

So I started calling...

First call was a stammerer, wasn't much help there.

Second denied knowing him.

Third said, "are you serious?".

That's when I knew I had a long day ahead. I was already tired.

Fourth, in a cool detached voice said he was just an in-Law and would try to call the wife .

All this while, his phones kept ringing and I kept answering, some hanging up before I could explain anything.

Finally, his wife called...

From the caller ID she wasn't listed as Darlyn, sweetheart, wifey or Honey

She wasn't hyserical or anxious.

She was cool and calm..

I asked her if she was on her way to the hospital, she said yes.

She didn't sound as if she was on her way anywhere.

Then I asked her the address of the hospital she was coming to - she said she didn't know.

The line cut.

She didn't call back...

What numbers are on your phone?

Can your phone save your life?

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