Saturday, July 7, 2012


The Patient came in with severe right upper abdominal pain and the following conversation ensued between us:

Me: "Do you take alcohol ?"

Patient: " Yes, very much so."

Me: " How many bottles a day?"

Patient: " I can't say."

Me: "Up to ten?"

Patient: "More than that."

Me: " Twenty?"

Patient: " More, I really can't count the amount."

Me: " How many cartons a day, One?"

Patient: " More than that depending on the supply."

Me ( getting bewildered): "Two cartons?"

Patient: " I drink until the supply is exhausted, no matter how much."

Me : " How long have you been drinking like this?"

Patient: " Its been a while."

Me: " Ten years?"

Patient: "More."

Me: " Twenty?"

Patient: " About that."

Me( Incredulous): " So you have been drinking cartons of beer daily for Twenty years?!"

Patient: "Yes."

Me: "Where do you work? A brewery?"

Patient: Smiles.

Me: " Do you smoke?"

Patient: " Yes, of course."

Me: " How many sticks of cigarette a day?"

Patient : " More like packets"

Me: " How many Packets?"

Patient: " I can't say"

ME : " One packet?"

Patient: " More than that."

Me: "How many years have you been smoking like this?"

Patient: "I can't remember, a long time."

Me: " Ten years?"

Patient: " No, more than that."

Me: " Twenty years?"

Patient: " About that."

Me (Gives up.)

N.B: The Right upper abdominal pain suggested the patient's liver was already affected.

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