Wednesday, July 25, 2012



I knew there was something wrong when she refused my offer for her to sit down.

She sneered at me, "I told you I'm the head of this Hospital, you didn't answer me!"

Indeed, she had worked in the Hospital and retired over a decade back as a Matron, but she wasn't the Head of the Hospital... She had simply lost her mind.

She now talked and behaved irrationally.

She pointed her walking stick menacingly at me - I put myself in defense mode, just incase she attacked me....

Her problem began about 14 years ago, when she developed an addiction for a popular analgesic injection- Fortwin (Pentazocine). As a nurse, she had unrestricted access to the drug and continuosly injected herself, this went on for about 7 years without medical intervention and still persisted after she was diagnosed.

"If you give me Fortwin, you will see that I am okay", she told me in the midst of some random ramblings and insults directed at me : "I asked you the other time, what's in your head? That your head",she directed her next set of ramblings at me.

I tried to examine her, "Don't touch me!" She exclaimed, as I humbly withdrew.

She was a pitiable and embarrassing sight, a former Nurse now a psychiatric case, all because she didn't know where to draw the line.

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