Monday, June 18, 2012


It's been quite a number of years since we left Medical School, so I guess I will be forgiven for this. We indeed had funny lecturers who said the craziest stuff.


1. Cardiology lecturer to student : You should not wear this ward coat to my clinic again. It looks like it was sewn by a mechanic. It makes you look like an apprentice.

2. During a written surgery Exam: Stand up everyone. Raise your question paper with your left hand, raise your answer sheet with your right hand and surrender to surgery.

3. Obstetrics Lecturer: If your brain is leaking in an exam hall and you don't know the answer to a particular question, just write the question and submit your paper, at least you won't get zero on that question.

4. Surgery Lecturer : You should never forget the indications for an amputation - A dead limb, a deadly one, and a damn nuisance!

5. Surgery Lecturer (Rephrased): Some students are very Lazy. Even if you tell them the answer is BLOG, some will still write BLAG.

6. Surgery Lecturer Mr M (Paraphrased): This is the time we can catch you and deal with you properly. Because as soon as we give you the certificate and you see me on the road, you will begin to say "Mr M, how are you?"

7. Surgery Lecturer Mr M (Paraphrased): Some people have vanishing testes syndrome and they don't know. They will keep visiting various herbalists thinking it was someone who stole their testes.

8. Another Surgery Lecturer: That black fat girl with fat eyeballs please answer the question.

9. Gynaecology Lecturer: You can trust a woman from the neck upwards but not from the neck downwards.

Will be glad to get your own funny Lecturer Quotes.
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