Monday, May 21, 2012



1. You get to the hospital and the doctor greets you with a smile, offers you a seat and brings out some fresh oven baked cookies and serves you tea.

2. The doctor sits and listens to all your problems for the next two hours without any interruption, all the while still smiling.

3. He examines you from head to toe, checks your eyes, nostrils, ears, tongue, fingernails for anything you may have missed.

4. He does a CT Scan, MRI, kidney, Liver and blood tests for that cough.

5. He takes time to explain his diagnosis to you, then asks if you fully understand. He also calls in your relatives and explains same to them, patiently answering their questions.

Wake up!

Some things are ideal, but not all things are needful, some things are ideal, but not all things are beneficial.

Which would you prefer - a doctor that does what should be done, or a doctor that is nice?

Where do we strike the balance?

How do we know when the doctor is doing his 'best' and when he's being plain negligent? Is there a universally acceptable definition of a doctor's 'best' effort?

What makes you feel satisfied after seeing a doctor?

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