Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I was hungry and tired - it had been a long call duty and I barely had enough strenght left to get back home. I got into my car and looked for the nearest diner to have a meal.

I finally got to one of my regulars, parked my car and entered, I chose my favourite dish and settled down to devour it.

I was almost done when I glanced outside, only to see my car being clamped by a tow van. I had parked in a no parking zone. Before I was able to come out, I saw my car being whisked away.

Left with no form of transportation, I found some unconventional means ( don't ask me cos I won't tell) to get to the towing agency.

After waiting several hours there, I finally got to see the Big Boss.

Big Boss was huge, with an imposing stature; his troops walked meekly behind him, taking care of his every whim.

Big boss wanted to know how I could have been so carefree; I told him I had been on call taking care of people like him (I had to play the doctor card), and I needed to eat something.

It took some convincing before Big boss ordered my car to be released with no penalty.

Fast forward a month later, guess who presented as my patient in the ER in need of prompt attention.

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