Saturday, May 5, 2012


That morning Steve left home, he had no idea he would spend the night in the hospital.

Steve was a shrewd businessman, he smiled at the thought of the profit he was going to make from this trip - life was good he thought, patting his pocket and feeling the reassuring bulge of his wallet.

He sauntered joyfully to the bus stop to catch a bus; there were already a few passengers seated. Steve sat down and continued his day dreaming as the bus started moving.

Steve never arrived at his destination.

As darkness approached, his worried friends, who had been expecting him back all day, set out to look for him - Steve was found on an abandoned stretch of road, semi - conscious and had lost his memory. Steve was quickly rushed to the hospital.


An unsuspecting passenger is lured into a vehicle filled with hoodlums who pretend they are genuine passengers. The vehicle moves and a drug filled handkerchief is placed over the unsuspecting passenger's nose from behind, overpowering him. He loses consciousness while he is dispossessed of his valuables.


This varies depending on the type of agent used, but generally involves ensuring a clear airway, adequate breathing and circulation, knowing the offending drug and getting its antidote.
Also, any fluid or electrolyte deficit is corrected.

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