Saturday, May 12, 2012


One of my favourite Bible stories has to be the story of the wisdom of King Solomon; 2 harlots, both with child, one child dies, both claim to be the mother of the living child and want King Solomon to decide.*

Solomon orders for a sword and asks that the living child be split into two and divided between the two women.

The harlot whose child it was, pleaded that the baby should instead be given to the other, while the other preferred it to be split. The true mother was obvious.

That to me, was the very first DNA test.

A young lady was brought to me, she was pregnant and the family wanted to know who was responsible.
Simple enough.

She had no idea who the father was, as she had slept with two men.
simple enough.

I tried to calculate the age of the pregnancy and the time she slept with both men to at least rule out one of them
- not quite simple.

She had slept with both of them around the same time - Complex.

I was almost in a fix.

I looked at both potential fathers and smiled within me.

One was a white Asian and the other a Black African.
Surely 9 months would tell.

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*Story can be found in 1Kings 3:16
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