Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"Keep out of the reach of children."


Is it anybody just born? Below 5? Below 13? Below 18?
Could being a child be determined by the state of mind of an individual regardless of age?
Or is a child someone you gave birth to, nursed and nurtured regardless of the present age of the person?

She was just a child.
A girl of 17 who like most teenagers had gone out without permission and had returned home to the scolding of her mum. In a fit of anger she had gone into her room and swallowed contents from an insecticide container.

She was brought in dead.
She sat at the backseat in the shadow of the unlit car, her head bent to one side, tucked into her neck, from the way she sat you would have felt she didn't want to speak with anyone. She was a pretty girl with long dark wavy hair, but now she was cold, very cold with no sign of life.

Who is to blame?
The mother for scolding her? Her stubborness? Childish exuberance? Whoever kept the poisonous insecticide within reach?

Again, did she previously exhibit suicidal tendencies that were overlooked?

Questions, questions, questions.
What poisonous substances are in your home? Are they kept or locked out of reach of children? Are they properly labelled as poisonous?
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