Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Dealing with the loss of a spouse.

I heard her through the haziness of my uncomfortable sleep-it was one of those nights ,or should i say early mornings, where there is a false impression that the Emergency room is not a busy place. Indeed at such moments it is hard to be relaxed because anything can happen to break your reverie.

She was some distance away, but her agitated screaming sounded quite near. I peered out through the windows at the dark night and could barely make out the silhouette of two figures; from their distressed shouts i gathered one had lost somebody and the other was trying to calm her down. This is a scene that has been played out countless times on the hospital grounds .

I settled back to probably resume the remains of my fragmented sleep, little did i know my own peaceful reverie would soon be broken, little did i know i would soon play a part in the scene that was still unfolding some distance from me.

With the sleep finally gone i settled to my usual routine, it was then i heard the cacophony of a crowd gathering in the ER- the same agitated woman whom some moments ago i had heard screaming at the top of her lungs was brought in unconscious, all bruised and dirtied.

Her husband had just died in the hospital.

She had refused all entreaties by those around her to calm down and had worked herself into a frenzied state before losing consciousness. Her blood pressure had skyrocketed.

She came round once I attended to her and resumed her agitated chatter-her husband had left her with three kids,-she wanted to go home. There was nothing wrong with her, she claimed.

We couldn't release her just like that as her state of mind and safety were still in doubt. Meanwhile, she continued to plead, getting more worked up and agitated.

Then she started screaming.

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