Tuesday, March 13, 2012


1. There are much easier and less time consuming ways to make money.

2. You don't necessarily have to study medicine to be called a doctor.

3. Reading doesn't stop when you qualify to become a doctor; actually it just starts.

4. There would be something called weekend call duty.

5. Hobbies and talents should not be neglected whilst studying medicine. An example of a doctor who has successfully veered off medicine to pursue his talent is Harry Hill.

6. You would still have to pay for your health or your family's health care.

7. There are much cooler occupations.

8. The most beautiful girls are not in medical school( would only change this opinion when a doctor wins Miss Universe).

9. The most beautiful people are also not in the hospital, either as patients, doctors or nurses.

10. Taxes.

11. 80 percent of your primary school buddies would be married when you graduate and your first child will be roughly four years younger than theirs.

12. Not all nurses are angels.

13. The Law.

Any additions will be most welcome.

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