Friday, March 23, 2012


What would you do if you were driving and suddenly see a woman standing in front of your car, oblivious to anybody or any car around her?
Would you think she is mad, suicidal or playing some sort of practical joke?

Will it come to your mind that she may be having a seizure?

Not an ideal place to have a seizure, you would agree with me, but a seizure is no respecter of place or time.

Disastrous situations in which a seizure may occur include while driving, operating heavy machinery, working with sharp tools or carrying a baby.


She was brought in by a good samaritan after she was found standing in the middle of the road, oblivious to the cars and people around her; unaware of the shouts of people and car honks trying to get her out of harm's way.
She was found there as if in some sort of trance - she just stood there as if she was in her own home thinking of what next to cook for supper.

She caused a major traffic jam that day.

A closer look would have chilled your bones, like looking into a house, with all the shutters open but no one home.

She was having a seizure.

This was not the common type of seizure, there was no foaming of mouth, no falling to the floor, no screaming.This was a silent seizure attack; like putting on the silencer before firing a deadly bullet.
Further history revealed she had about 5 episodes of such occurrence in a day. It was even known to happen whilst carrying her baby.

Thankfully, no serious harm had yet happened to her or her baby, so it was time to properly manage the condition.


Prevent harm as much as possible to the person, do not put spoons or anything that would occlude the airway.
Transport patient to the ER where some tests would be done and anticonvulsant medication given.

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