Monday, March 12, 2012


Is there a direct relationship between what is going on in a person's life and a person's health?

This is my second story about headaches.

The patient had been having a series of recurrent headaches which were quite disturbing and concentrated around her forehead. She admitted being under a tough routine at work but didn't seem to think that was the cause-I asked the standard questions about her vision, blood pressure etc-her Blood pressure was 100/60.
My examination narrowed the problem to two possibilities; one a migraine ( which was less likely) and a tension headache.


These are headaches without any serious underlying pathology usually attributed to worry, noise or depression in a person's life. Examination and investigations will reveal nothing significant except that tensed feeling especially over the scalp, some investigation may be done to reassure the patient that there's nothing wrong.

So what was the cause of her tension?

She was 38 and unmarried .

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