Monday, February 20, 2012


1. When your doctor can't remember your name.

2. When you wait 5 hours to see a doctor and he spends 5 minutes seeing you.

3. When you meet your doctor taking too much alcohol in the pub.

4. When your doctor won't shake your hands (fear of germs).

5. A doctor young enough to be your grandchild tells you how to live your life.

6. The person you just told off outside the hospital turns out to be the doctor you are about to see.

7. When your doctor meets you drinking too much alcohol.

8. You overhear your doctor refer to you as that appendicitis in bed 8.

9. When you return for an appointment only to learn your doctor has gone on vacation.

10. Your doctor fills your prescription with enormous words only for you to be dispensed Paracetamol and Vitamin C.

11. Your doctor finds an excuse to walk out of the room when you start coughing.

12. You spend an hour talking to the doctor only to realise he's a medical student.

13. When medical students fall over themselves to examine you like some new lab rat.

14. You call your doctor at night and his wife picks up the call and gives you a thorough telling off.

15. Your doctor has a disgusted look on his face when you proudly show him your urine sample.

16. When you see your doctor laughing his head off with his colleagues just after soberly telling you bad news.

Will be glad to hear of your awkward moments.

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  1. When your doctor laughs at your symptoms eg. doc I feel my heart beating very fast and doc laughs hahaha I feel d same way when I see lots of money.


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