Sunday, February 19, 2012


1. When a patient sees you and asks, "where's the doctor?"

2. Your hand is hovering over the prescription paper but you have no idea what to write. Meanwhile the patient is looking at you.

3. You start stammering because you can't answer a patient's question.

4. You get into a loud argument with a nurse, then turn around to see the whole hospital watching.

5. You can't read another doctor's handwriting.

6. Your phone starts ringing in the middle of a sober consultation with the latest hip hop ringtone.

7. The patient has a disappointed look on his face when he sees you are the one on duty.

8. You totally forget the name of the diagnosis; you know it but just can't remember.

9. You lose your temper and tell the patient,"you think i'm enjoying this?"

10. You see a patient outside the hospital and try to avoid him seeing you.

11. A patient starts fully undressing just because you want to do a little examination.

12. A patient prefers seeing a doctor of the same sex as him/her.

13. A patient proudly shows you some well preserved bodily fluid.

14. You see someone in a bus that could do with some medical advice but wonder if the person would be offended.

15. A baby starts crying on seeing you.

16. You have to take an injection given by a nurse you know.

17. You are expected to behave like the doctors on ER

Any more awkward moments you know?
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