Sunday, January 29, 2012



can be a devastating illness.

Tuberculosis (TB)

is equally devastating.

When both conditions are present in the same individual, the effect can be deadly. HIV predisposes to Tuberculosis and TB worsens the outcome of HIV.

That day I first met her in the Emergency room was one I wished I wasn't on duty.
She was a scary sight to behold.
The best word I can use to describe her would be a living corpse. She was a very young lady who may at one time have been a beauty but now she was a bag of bones with a protruding abdomen and thin spidery legs; she looked like a victim of war and starvation.

She cried out for help; I was a little hesitant, concerned for my own safety, but I had to do my job.


Fever lasting over a month
Diarrhoea over a month
Weight loss.
Persistent cough
Skin rashes
Oral thrush


Cough lasting more than 2 weeks
Weight loss
Coughing up blood.

Fast forward to several months later; I was walking within the hospital grounds, when I heard an excited female voice calling out to me, ' Doctor! Doctor!' I turned to see a very beautiful, curvy young lady, well dressed with a smile on her face. She walked up to me excitedly and asked whether I recognised her; I initially didn't, but suddenly I did.

This couldn't possibly be the same lady I almost ran away from treating, the lady with the deadly duo; I couldn't believe my eyes, what a transformation!
But another fleeting thought soon came to mind, what of the next unsuspecting young man that would be entrapped by her beauty?
What should he do? What should she tell him? What would you do?

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